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Cribbage card game information

This cribbage game section is for information about the crib card game.

A description helps you find what you are looking for on the cribbage card game.

You can find the cribbage game rules, the crib computer game download, the cribbage best hand, software manual and features or faqs on the cribbage computer software.

Download the cribbage game and take the free trial to see if you like it.

Cribbage card game rules
If you are looking for the cribbage rules go to this page.
You'll find the card game rules, description, examples of hands, how to count points ....

Features of the cribbage computer software
You would like to see what functions the computer software Cribbage.ca offers. This will give you a list of some of the shareware card game main features.

Cribbage download of the PC game Cribbage.ca
If you are looking for the computer cribbage game download.
You'll find my cribbage card game download. This is the full crib game download.

Game FAQ - How to play Cribbage.ca
You have the card game but have difficulties, have a look at the FAQ's.
You'll find some answers on the computer game software most frequent questions.

 Instruction manual for the card game Cribbage.ca
You would like to see the online manual for the computer card game.
This manual will help you with the software features and options.

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