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Cribbage rules


The Cribbage game rules

The Cribbage rules have different variations, but I'll just describe the 6 card Crib game rules.


The cribbage rules may be different from one place to an other. These are the popular cribbage rules.


The cards A to 9 are worth their value of 1 to 9. The cards 10 and above have a value of 10.


The ace does not follow the king in runs, it is only used with the 2.

The game steps:

  • Both players cut a card, the smallest card is the dealer.


  • The dealer gives each player 6 cards.


  • Each player discards 2 cards to the Crib. Dealer owns the crib (extra hand).


  • Pone cuts the deck for a starter card and then play a card to start the table game. If the starter card is a Jack then the dealer pegs 2 points.


  • Alternating, each player plays a card, adding it's value to the count as long as it does not exceed 31. If the count is equals to 15 then the player gets 2 points. If the count equals 31, the player gets 2 points and the other player starts a new round resetting the count to 0.


  • If a player can't play a card without exceed 31 he calls GO and the other player may play if he can.


  • When both players can't play then the last player to play a card gets 1 point for GO. The opponent starts a new round restarting the count at 0.
    You play rounds until all cards are played.


  • While playing a round, if a run of minimum 3 cards is formed, the player gets 1 point per cards.


  • Once all cards are played, if the count is not equal to 31, the last player to play gets 1 point for last card (basically a GO).


  • Pone counts his hand 1st then the dealer counts his hand and his crib.


  • The hand is over. Dealer alternates until someone makes a total of 121 points or more on the cribbage . Then the game is over.


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