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Winning poker hands


List of the winning poker hands  

A list of the winning hands at the poker game in their ranking order.
To have a winning poker hand at the video poker game it takes
 a pair of jack or better.

Winning poker hands list

For a winning poker hand, the credits you get depends on the bet for that poker game.


The more you bet on your poker hand, the more you will win for a good poker hand.


The hands are listed from the lowest to the highest ranking order.


Pair = bet x 1
Two pairs = bet x 2
Three of a kind = bet x 3
Straight = bet x 5
Flush = bet x 7
Full house = bet x 10
Four of a kind = bet x 40
Straight flush = bet x 100
Royal straight flush = bet x 500

If players have an identical combination for their poker hands,
the player with the highest card has the winning hand.
For example, both have a pair of 10, the highest single card is a jack,
if the other player has a queen, a king or an as, his poker hand is better
and he wins.

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Winning poker hands

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