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The Configuration Menu of my cribbage game is used to configure colors,
game options, back card, set the cribbage board layout pattern or pegging board side. online instructions manual - Configuration Menu

1- Card deck back card selection
Select one of the available card game back card using the arrows

2- Look Menu
Brings you to the card game layout menu ( see below )

3- Color selections
Select the colors of the card game texts, cribbage board.

4- Game options, default colors, apply changes

  • Flip cards will reverse played cards after rounds
  • Animate will enable/disable deal animation
  • Auto-count will enable/disable automatic point count of your cribbage hands
  • Round stop will stop the play at end of rounds to allow verification
  • Characters will show on the TV screen. online instructions manual - Look Menu

    1- Background texture
    Displays the selected background texture

    2- Texture selector
    Select the background texture for the card game using the arrows

    3- Crib pegging board side
    Side selection for the pegging cribbage board

    4- Apply changes
    Save changes to the game board layout... to your user file

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