Free hidden-word crossword puzzle maker download

Download the free hidden-word crossword maker game

This hidden-word puzzle maker download is a free game with no time limit or restricted functions. It's the full game.

Of course, if you really like the word game, you can register it to help with the software distribution and create new free games.

You can generate unlimited hidden word puzzle games from a french or english wordbank. You just select the language and then generate the crossword puzzle.

Once the grill is filled with the letters, you can play the game using the mouse.

Download the free hidden word maker software

Full game download of my free Hidden-Word game :

Free hidden word crossword maker

The first time you run the game, while you pick a language and accept the license agreement, it will generate a first puzzle using French words. After it generated this first puzzle game, it will generate a hidden word puzzle using the language you selected.

Hidden word crossword maker game

Use the right and left mouse buttons to mark the first and last letters of the word in the grill. Once you placed the markers, you just click the word in the list and the game will circle the letters in the grill and then turn off the word in the list.

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Download the free hidden-word crossword maker game
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