Cribbage download of the free game

Cribbage free full game download

This cribbage download is a full feature free game download.

No game features are disabled and it will not stop playing or give you registration warnings.

Get the full game download of the free cribbage game software.

The cribbage software used to have a registration reminder, so you could still enjoy the full cribbage game. After playing a few weeks or reaching the amount of trial hands, you had to register or uninstall the crib game.

Now the game is fully unlocked and is free for you to use for as long as you like.

This cribbage download is a free crib game with all features unlocked and no nagging message.

Cribbage PC card game

If you like the free cribbage game, tell your friends about the software. v2008 Full free game download

You never installed the software ?
Download the free cribbage game and give it a try.

Download cribbage full game install package for Windows XP:

Cribbage download full game for XP

Will run with Windows Vista but slow, working on speed improvements.

Download the free cribbage full game install package for Windows 9X and NT:

Cribbage download full game for 9x or NT

Save the file on your PC and run it to install the cribbage game software.

If you have an error message about mscomctl.ocx, look here to get the files.

If the game doesn't run under Windows 7, use the Windows XP compatibility mode.

After installing, the game is set to slow and all functions disabled for speed.
Set the game faster in the game menu and enable auto-count, characters... from the configuration menu.

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