Cribbage card game software features

Features of the cribbage card game software is a bilingual (french/english) cribbage card game software.

You can play crib against the computer or online with a friend over TCP/IP. Many feature for rookies to learn how to play the crib card game and lots of users game software settings.

You can quit the cribbage game after any hand and the game will be saved at this point, and this for every levels. When you reload your game the next time it will be exactly like if you never stopped playing the card game software.

3 difficulty levels, players statistics, game speed, user language, text colors selection, background texture, pegging board position, auto count points, possible hand/points display, hands points breakdown, flip played cards, connect to remote player with tcp/ip, chat while playing crib, back card selection, rules and other...

Cribbage PC card game

A hand evaluator and points evaluator to help you evaluate cribbage hands or points.

Your game settings are saved in your user file. You may carry and use it on other computers running the cribbage game without changing a thing, just copy the file in the games directory.

Update verification, web page access are as easy as click!
 Lots of game settings, speed graphics and fun. Updates for the game are often available since the cribbage game is constantly being improved.

The best is always to try and play the crib game to see for yourself...

Try the card game software free evaluation cribbage download of

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