How to play - crib game FAQ

How to play - computer software game FAQ

Directions how to play crib with the computer game software

FAQ on common questions about playing the computer cribbage software game.

This may help you understand how to play cribbage with my computer software

You can download the cribbage game and use the free trial game to see if you like it.

What are the minimum requirements to play the computer game software ?

Do we have to play against the computer only ?

Where can I get the instructions manual to play the cribbage game ?

The cribbage game software takes forever to deal, what's wrong ?

When I try to play it tells me that I can't use Computer ?

Why can't I quit playing the cribbage game in the middle of a hand ?

Why when I try to install the software it stops at 41% ?

Cribbage PC card game

Q: What are the minimum requirements to play

As usual DirectX, a pentium class cpu, Windows(any), 10meg of free space. Basically any system that runs win9x, ME, NT or XP in 800x600. You cannot use large fonts in your display setting properties. This will cause the cribbage computer game software display to be completely wrong. You can set a normal font size in : Display Properties / Settings / Advanced / DPI settings and set it to normal size (96DPI)

Q: Do we have to play crib against the computer only?

No. You can play 6 cards cribbage using against a friend over tcp/ip and chat while you're playing cribbage.

Q: Where can I get the instructions manual to play

You can find the cribbage game software online manual . You can point the controls while playing to obtain a short description of them.

Q: The cribbage game takes forever to deal, what's wrong?

TNT vga cards seem to have a problem (with Windows ME) with programs that have a lots of objects like  I eliminated a lot of objects in the game software and changed my card decks (no they're not the windows cards) and a lot of other modifications. The problem is now fixed and will always get better in the next release of You can also disable animations in the computer card game configuration menu.

Q: When I try to play, tells me that I can't use Computer ?

When you install my cribbage software game, it creates a profile named Computer, used to keeps it's cribbage game statistics, just like yours will be kept. This profile is owned by my card game and cannot be used to play. You just have to create a user name with the textbox beside the create button in the menu and then use it to play cribbage .

Q: Why can't I quit the cribbage game in the middle of a hand ?

When you quit playing, it saves all the data needed to continue the cribbage game where you left and this for all levels. For example if you leave rookie with points 28 / 35, the cribbage game will continue there when you reload it, just like if you never stopped. Saving all variables and states needed in a hand loop is not really worth it since just a few more seconds are needed to finish playing the cribbage hand.

Q: Why when I try to install the software it stops at 41% ?

You must be running Win98. Sometimes the file dx7vb.dll will not update causing the installation to abort. You may update dx7vb.dll manually using winzip to extract it from the file and then save it in c:\windows\system32 (If the file is in use, you will have to do it under dos mode). The game will then install properly allowing you to play cribbage games.

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