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Poker game rules and instruction of Hilo-Poker

Video poker PC card game Hilo-Poker

The rules of Poker and instructions

There are different variations of the rules of poker, but I'll just describe the hi-lo double up poker game.

You are playing against a poker machine that is like the ones in the bars and clubs. Hand combinations are basically the same but there are much less rules than the standard multiple player poker game.

- The computer will take your bet and give you 5 cards.
You have to try to make the best poker hand out of these 5 cards.
You can discard some cards to replace them but only once.

- After discard, you are given replacement cards. Your poker hand is then evaluated to see if you have a Pair of Jack or better.

- The better the poker hand, the more credits are given for it.
If you do not have a pair of Jack or better you lose your bet.

- If you have a winning poker hand then you are offered to double your
gain playing the Hi-Lo game. A card is displayed to you and you just have
to guess if the next card will be bigger (Hi) or of a lower value (Lo).
If your guess is good, you double your gain or lose it if you're wrong.

- When you double 4 time you obtain a 5 card poker hand that is also evaluated for winning hands. If you have a winning hand on the double up game you get a 50 credits bonus and may continue with a new hi-lo hand round.

- If your winning poker hand gain is higher than 100 credits you can't try to double it up. You reached the maximum double up limit.

- Once you ran out of credits you just have to add coins to play again.

- The poker game will keep your stats and has a demo player to change the game mood, if you are the only one playing the shareware poker game.

The rules of poker uses basically the same hands rating order as below.

Winning video poker hands

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