Poker game instruction manual - The poker machine

Poker game manual - The poker machine

Once you selected a poker player the game will load the poker machine and display the poker game window. online instructions manual - Game Menu

1- Poker hands payout
List of the poker hands and the credits you get when getting the winning hand.

2- Player credits and bet
Displays the amount of credits the poker player has and how much he is betting.

3- Process, stats...
Displays the poker machine stats, messages and process.

4- Your poker hand cards
The five poker hand cards are displayer there. Once you deal, you can see your poker hand and discard cards by clicking them to turn them upside down.

5- Winning hand indicator
When a hand is displayed, the cards forming a winning poker hand will have an x in the box located under the cards that gives you a winning hand.

6- Controls : Coin, deal, +, -
Use the coin button to add credits to the poker machine. Using the right button of the mouse will add 10 coins at the time.
Use the deal button once you set the deal and are ready to play a poker hand.
Use + and the - buttons to set the bet from 1 to 10 credits.

7- Poker game process
Displays the action the poker machine is waiting from the poker player and displays available options.

5- Volume control
Poker machines just give beeps and little sounds that you can turn off using the volume control.

5- Auto deal, console, player, quit
Auto deal will bet and deal automatically after a game is over.
Console is used to view the statistics and set colors and other poker game settings.
Player let you quit and load a new player.
Quit will save the player stats and exit the poker machine.

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