Card game instructions manual for

This online card game instructions manual is to help you take advantage of all my cribbage computer game features.

Each sections of this cribbage PC game instructions manual covers a menu of the game.

You can download the full game for an evaluation period so you can see if you'd like to buy it.

This game will run on a PC with a minimum of 800x600 resolution.

All functions of the card game are disabled on install and you just have to enable the features you'd like to use.


Game Menu
Load game, create player, difficulty level, language, speed / volume, web options, exit ...

Configuration Menu
Texts colors, back cards, game options, back to defaults, look menu for pattern and cribbage game board layout ...

Rules Menu
Select the cribbage rules you would like to use for your games

Statistics Menu
See player's statistics display functions

Game Board
Main game board layout, buttons, process, display ...

Hand suggestion tool
The hand suggestion tool

Cribbage Scoring tool
The hand points scoring evaluator tool

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