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The Game Menu is used to create players, load, resume or quit a cribbage game.
Select game level, language, speed or volume.
Look for game update, web page or register the cribbage software online instructions manual - Game Menu

1- Game level selection
Select one of the cribbage game difficulty levels.

2- Player selection
Select the cribbage player from the list.

3- New player creation box/button
Type a name in the box and press the create button to create a new cribbage player profile.

4- Load/Resume/Quit
Select a player and the game level, then press load to start a computer game.
Select the player and press TCP/IP game to start an online human vs human cribbage network game.
Press resume to return to the active cribbage card game.
Use the evaluator to get hands and points evaluation.

5- Language/Speed/Volume
Select the cribbage game language ( French or English ).
Set the card game speed ( turtle=slower rabbit=faster).
Set the cribbage game sound volume.

6- Internet Options: Manual/Register/Web page/Update
Use manual to access the cribbage game manual online.
Use register to purchase a registration code for the cribbage game.
Web page will bring you to my card games home page.
Use update to check if a upgrade is available.

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