Making and playing hidden-words puzzle games

Creating and playing hidden-words crossword puzzles with my free game

Making hidden-words puzzles is fun and help learn new words. Using my free crossword generator also helps save paper and the trees.

My hidden-word puzzle maker can generate crosswords using French or English words. You select the language and then make the puzzle using the generate button.

Once the word list and grill containing the letters are displayed, you can fill the grill using your mouse. Just click the first letter of the word in the grill using one mouse button and the last letter using the other button. You just click the word in the list and the software will circle the letters in the grill and then turn off the word in the list.

You should keep the short 3-4 letter words for last, to fill in the last letters. Once you found all words in the grill, only one will be left in the list matching the letters left in the puzzle grill.

Hidden word crossword maker game

Once you completed the word puzzle, you can make a new hidden-word game using the generate button, and fill-in this new word puzzle.

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