Cribbage card game rules

Rules of the cribbage card game

There are different card game rules to the cribbage game, depending where you learned the rules. The Cribbage card game is interesting since it implies luck, calculation and memory of cards.

I tried to make my Cribbage game fun for everyone. You can select your cribbage game rules among different cribbage rules from the game settings.

I'm not trying to make the perfect card game software that will beat anyone who dares to play it. If you like to play cribbage and enjoyed playing my card game, it's purpose was accomplished. What matters is to have fun.

Card game cribbage perfect hand or 29

The cribbage game rules and steps

The points at the cribbage card game

Go at the cribbage game

The runs at the crib game

The jack in the cribbage game rules

Choice of cards to keep for your cribbage hand

Example of a cribbage hand

Using the board and cribbage pegs

Cribbage PC card game

What kind of features the cribbage game offers?

Card game software features

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