Cribbage game points

The cribbage game points

Learn to count the cribbage game point so you can play cribbage well.

These cribbage points will determine the cards to keep and discard when playing the cribbage game.

Counting the points and keeping the best cards takes time. There is no magic tricks.

Keeping a combination of 3 sequencial cards will usually be good if you get a pair of one of those 3 cards for the cut.

Points of the cribbage game ?

Go = 1
Pair = 2
3 cards the same (3 pairs) = 6
4 cards the same (6 pairs) = 12
Run of 3 cards and more = 1 point per card
Any cards combination making 15 = 2
Jack of the same kind as the starter card= 1
All 4 cards of the hand are the same kind (excluding starter)* = 4
All 5 cards of the hand are the same kind (including starter) = 5

* Some players will count only the 5 card flush for the crib hand.

Easy to remember cribbage hand points


This type of cribbage game hand is made of a straight and a pair.
It will automatically give 8 points to the cribbage hand (not including the cut).
You may just add the 15 and other points to it.

runs (,,) and (,,) -> 6

Pair (,) -> 2

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