Runs at the crib game

How to count runs at the crib game

When playing the table game at cribbage or crib, you may count the runs or straights of 3 cards and more.

This is regardless of the suites, and each card gives you one point.

Runs made in a non-sequential way do count.

So if you play a 3 then the opponent play a 5 and you put a 4, you get 3-5-4 that is a run of 3 cards. You would get 3 points, one per card.



3 points

f your opponent would then throw a 2, you get 3-5-4-2 or a 4 cards run that gives him 4 points.



4 points

A run can only be formed from cards of the actual round. In other words, once the count is reset because of a 31 or a GO, the card that were played do not count in the runs of the new round.

Some people will not count runs in a non-sequential play. So 5-3-4 does not give any points. Only runs made in order like 3-4-5 or 5-4-3 counts. This in not an official rule.

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