Go at the cribbage game

Calling GO at the cribbage game

Go is used when playing the table game at cribbage. You can play cards as long as the counter does not pass 31. When a player cannot play a card without passing 31, he has to say GO.

When a player say GO, the opponent can play his cards until the counter hits 31 or when he cannot play anymore. If he did not reach 31, he then calls GO also.

Once both players cannot play without passing the 31 counter limit. The last player to play a card gets 1 point for GO.

While a player cannot play cards because he called a GO, the other player may play many cards sometimes. Runs, pairs and other points do count even if they were played by the same player.

For some, the point given for a GO is limited to the first 115 point of the game. So if a player is at 116 points and get a GO, it is not counted because he is passed the 115 points limit. This is not an official cribbage rule.

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