Cribbage cards to keep

Cards to keep for your cribbage game hand

Depending on the cards received and who owns the crib, the choice of cards to keep is very important.

To keep the card combination with the most points is usually the best way but not always. It's with time that you'll improve your play.

Sometimes, throwing a card that makes a few points can lead to more points if you get the card needed.

Cribbage is a game of calculation and hasard where taking a chance or keeping the right cards can make a big difference.

Here is an example:

The combination with the most points is


++ = 15  and  ++ = 15
4 points for the 15

,, = 3  and  ,, = 3
6 points for runs

, = 2
2 points for pair

total : 12 points

Throwing cards +=15
and gives 2 points to the Crib.




If the crib is owned by the opponent, keeping 
 is a better choice.

,,,= 4 points for the flush

,,,= 4 for the suite

+= 2 points for 15

total : 10 points

Here the Crib does not receive any points with the cards
  and .

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