The cribbage game Board

The cribbage Board

The cribbage board or game board is used to play the crib game.
It has many functions and buttons to help you play crib. online instructions manual - Game Board

1- Your hand
Location of your cribbage hand playing cards.

2- Your played cards / Hand evaluation (points)
Location of your played cards on table play / cribbage hand evaluated at the end of table play.

3- Crib hand
Dealers crib hand cards location.

4- Opponent's hand and played cards
Opponent's cards and played cards location.

5- Cut card (on dealer's side)
Starter card is displayed on the dealer's side of the line.

6- Menu, Hands, Points buttons
Menu will bring you to the crib game menus (only at end of hands).
Hands will display possible cribbage hands combinations with/without points to help you discard.
Points will display the cribbage hand's points list so you can verify accuracy.

7- Game action buttons
Cut is used to cut the deck for a dealer or the starter card.
Discard will drop the 2 cards you reversed to the crib.
Go is used to let opponent know you can't play a card.
Continue let you go to the next card game step.

8- Status / Action display
Display the action / step of the cribbage game.

9- Characters prompts / messages
Displays character's prompts or scrolls messages.

10- Name and points of players
Displays name and points of the 2 cribbage players.

11- Hand's points list / log of played cards
Displays move list on table play and points list on hands point count.

12- Table game counter
Table game counter displays the cumulative total of cards played values up to 31.

13- Crib board
The cribbage pegging board.

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