Free poker game instruction manual - Create/select a poker player

Free poker game manual - Player selection and creation

After installing the free poker game when you run the game, it will start the demo player, just click on the game and it will bring the poker creation and selection windows.

Hilo- Poker free game menu

1- Select
Press this button to start to play the game using the poker player profile displayed in the listbox on the left.

2- Select
Press the pulldown arrow to get the list of active poker players and select one.
After selecting a poker player, press the Select button to make it the active player and start the game.

3- Create
To create a new player, type a name in the box on the left of the button, then press create to generate a new poker player profile.

Once you created a new poker player, the game will keep it's stats and credits. When loading an existing player, the game will continue where you left it last time.

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