Free poker game instruction manual - The poker draw

Poker game manual - The poker machine draw options

Once you deal a poker hand, the poker machine will display the draw options. online instructions manual - Game Menu

1- Winning hand display
If a winning poker hand is detected, it is displayed in a different color in the poker payout list.

2- Process display
If a winning poker hand is detected, it will be displayed in the process indicator.

3- Cards to keep
Displays an X under the cards that makes a winning hand.

4- Keep X, draw, flip
If you want to keep the cards that have an X under them, press the Keep X button.
Draw will discards the reversed cards and replace them with new ones.
Flip will reverse every cards, face up or down.

5- Process indication
The process indicator will list the available actions to the poker player.

At this point you select the cards you think will make a winning poker hand and press the draw button to continue. After the draw, unless you have a winning hand, the game is over. If you get a winning poker hand you can then gamble the gains and play the double up game.

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