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Crossword puzzle maker game Word-Fit

Word-fit is a free crossword puzzle maker software to create word games on your PC computer.

You can generate English or French word puzzles and fill them using just your mouse.

You make a new random word search puzzle just by pressing a button.

Download the free game and make your own word puzzles.

Q: How does the crossword game work?

R: The crossword puzzle game randomly generates a crossword grill from a word bank. Then with the mouse you fit the words from the list in the grill until the crossword puzzle game is complete. To fit a word in the grill you put the blue square on one of the word letters and double click the word in the list.

Q: How many crosswords puzzle can I create?

R:  You can create as many crosswords puzzle grills as you want. Once you finished completing a crossword game, you just make a new crossword puzzle using the generate button and play again. Useless to say how much money you save with my game when a crossword booklet of 50 puzzles is a few dollars. The PC crossword game allows for an infinity of word search crossword puzzle games.

Q: What are the minimum requirements to run the crossword puzzle game?

R: DirectX, pentium class cpu , 5meg of free disk spacee. Basically any system that runs Windows 9x, ME, NT or XP in 800x600. Large fonts cannot be used with the crossword game.

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