Word search puzzle maker features of Word-Fit

Create an english or french word search puzzle with Word-Fit

Word-Fit is a word search puzzle maker game that can generate 20x20  English or French word game puzzles.

You can create as many word search puzzle as you want since they are generated randomly from a word bank.

Word-Fit can generate english or french word games. It has a French and an English word dictionnary and the game itself is also bilingual.

All is done with your mouse and you never have to type anything.

Update verification and web page access is done from the word game menu.

Updates are available pretty often since I'm always improving the games.

Word search crossword puzzles maker PC game

The best is always to see for yourself...

Software Word-Fit
Version 1.00.19b
Language English , French
Os Win 9x, Me, Nt, 2k, XP
Download 1753652(bytes)
Zip file Word-Fit.zip
Minimum configuration 800x600
Limitation No large fonts
Type Word game software

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