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Cribbage perfect hand or 29


Cribbage perfect hand or best hand of 29

I get emails about the perfect cribbage hand.


Here is a perfect cribbage hand and the points.


You may just switch the jack and the matching 5 of the cut to get the 4 possible perfect cribbage best hands.


If the cut does not match the jack or you have a 10 value card instead of the jack, then you have 28 points only instead of the best cribbage hand.

Your hand is and the cut is  to match
the jack.


The count is :

() () () ()

() ()

() ()

8 times 15 for 2 = 16 points

() () () ()

() ()

6 pairs for 2 = 12 points



1 for the matching jack = 1 point

Total ->  16+12+1= 29 points

Good luck on getting a perfect cribbage best hand.


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Cribbage perfect hand or 29

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