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Q: I get "cannot load tic .wav" when the program starts?

A: Your version of DirectX is outdated (download 8.0a) or the sound files *.wav are not with the program in the \sounds directory.

Q: I get "corrupted poker.ini" when the program starts?

A: 1) If you modified your poker.ini file (to add more credits for example) you will get this message.
A: 2) If you updated the program, you may have to delete the *.ini
and let the program generate new ones.

Q: How do I change colors or background pictures?

A: You just have to use the 'CONSOLE' on the right of the game
(visible only at the bet stage). Use the + and - buttons to change
the colors or click the browse button to select a background (jpg, bmp, gif).


Q: Everything in the display is blocky and wrong ?

A: You must be using large font. The hi-lo poker game can't work with
large fonts in your display properties.

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